Garden fencing

When selecting what type of garden fence you want, firstly take a look at the size and design of fencing that suits your garden as well as your needs. There is a wide range of fences to choose from and each fence type has its own benefits and features.

Then when you have selected the fence type that you want whether it is a close board, overlap, palisade or trellis, you will then need to select the right fence posts. You will need to decide whether you want wooden or concrete posts as there are pros and cons for both. When you have choose them, you will need to decide on whether you want them in the concrete or to use post supports.

Garden Fencing

Concrete posts:

  • Concrete posts ensure that you will have a good strong garden fence as they are more secure; however they do need a lot of work in order to put them up.

Wooden posts:

  • Wooden fence posts are a lot easier to handle but whereas concrete posts are on the surface, wooden posts are in the ground and due to this and the fact that they are wooden, there is a slight higher risk that they will rot.

After you have selected the type of garden fence that would best suit you, you have two options, you can either follow a step by step guide on how to install garden fences or you could pay a garden fence company who could construct the fence and even the fence posts for you.

If you want to hire fence installers to fit your garden fence, then do your research and find out the best installers in your area. However if you would like to install the fence yourself, then follow this guide as it will give you step to step instructions on how to prepare before fitting your fence:

The first step is to calculate the length of the posts to ensure that the fences that you have brought are going to fit. Then calculate the number of panels that you will need to cover the whole of your garden.

After, you will need to start preparing for the job. Before you start we advise you to clear away all of the vegetation and then to treat the area where the fence will be with weed killer.